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The police officer is not your friend.

Do you remember a police officer coming into your second grade class? He might have passed his badge or handcuffs around the room. You were told that the police officer was your friend and if you were ever in trouble, you should ask him for help. They lied to you.

Certainly there are great cops out there who do wonderful things. We’ve all heard stories about cops saving people from perilous situations. Occasionally they stop violent crime while it is in progress. I’m not suggesting that cops are inherently bad people. However, you must realize that their job is at odds with your interests. They are tasked with investigating crimes and gathering sufficient evidence to put you in a jail cell.

If an officer tells you that he will “help you out” if you just tell the truth, he isn’t doing that because he wants to help you out, he’s doing it to establish a rapport and to get you to implicate yourself. I recently listened to an audio recording of an interrogation where the officer promised that the suspect wouldn’t go to jail tonight if he just told the truth. The officer didn’t lie. The suspect didn’t go to jail that night. However, a few days later an arrest warrant was authorized based on the statements that the suspect made during the interview. Prior to the suspect making the statements, the police had virtually no evidence that the suspect had committed the crime in question. After the interrogation, the suspect had virtually hung himself.

Cops are trained in interrogation and investigation. The deck is stacked in their favor. I don’t care how smart you are, you’re not going to win at that game.  Do yourself a favor and politely refuse to answer any questions until you’ve had an opportunity to speak with a lawyer.

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